Trust Starts With Quality and Standards

We were the first E-Liquid manufacturer in the world to hold an ISO9001:2015 accredation for our manufacturing process. We were also the first to hold a cGMP accredation. We didn't do it for the feels, we did it for a reason, the e-cig consumer was seriously lacking in quality choices from trusted manufacturers, so we set out to fix that. All these years later we've elevated that game to it's pinnacle. Our quality systems and manufacturing processes let us produce top quality products in a volume, and at a price, other manufacturers simply can't even come close to. 

Ripe | 100ml | Fiji Melons
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Is Your E-Liquid Changing Color? Here's Why.

The simplistic (though not very satisfying) answer is … chemistry.  While e-juice is really just a mixture of liquids (food grade flavorings and glycerin plus a little nicotine), that little bit of nicotine is actually fairly important.  (I may be wrong, but isn’t it one of the reason for vaping?)
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The Truth Behind Diacetyl in Vaping

First let’s talk about what diacetyl is and why it is of interest to anyone.  Diacetyl (fyi, I pronounce it as di-ah-SEE-till, but there are other ways to say it) and it’s relatives, such as acetyl propionyl, belong to the family that chemists call alpha-diketones.  These compounds have the characteristic of imparting a buttery sensation to foods.  They are used in a wide variety of products such as baked goods (cakes and cookies), confections (candy and chocolates), and snacks (potato or corn chips). 
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Why Are Some E-liquids Thicker?

This type of phenomenon is usually most noticeable in e-Liquid blends that use 100%VG (vegetable glycerin) as the base liquid. The confusion comes from the fact that an “all VG base” is not necessarily the same as an “all VG eLiquid”.
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