Lung Issues Related to Vaping

You’ve probably seen the headlines and heard of government officials urging people to stop vaping due to the recent lung health issues.

The CDC recently released a report(1) showing statistics of what is a probable cause of these issues. It’s something we’ve suspected since these reports first came out – the correlation of data shows the cause is from illegally purchased THC vaping cartridges. 77% of patients reported using THC products. While 16% say they are only using nicotine products, the fact that THC is illegal in most of the states reporting illnesses, we all can understand that some people may not be honest in their use of THC products as to not incriminate themselves in illegal activity.

The CDC is recommending that people should not use THC vaping products – specifically those bought illegally. They are also urging people not to return to smoking cigarettes if they are currently vaping nicotine products.

Our opinion on this matter hasn’t changed. We’ve had the same ingredients in our e-liquids for over 6 years and have never seen any of these issues in the country arise prior to this year’s headlines or in any consumers of our products ever. Logic would assume that because this began in a localized (Wisconsin and Illinois) area with 2/3 of patients reporting they used an illegally purchased THC cartridge under the “Dank” brand name(2)(3) , then the cause isn’t from nicotine vaping. Nicotine vaping ingredients are standard and have not changed, so after 10 years of the vaping industry, this would have presented itself a lot sooner for these acute cases.

The “Dank” cartridge brand empty cartridges can be easily obtained online(4) by anyone and those illegal manufacturers can add any ingredient they want and sell it as a THC vaping product on the streets.

We don’t believe THC itself is the cause, that has been around in vaping form for a long time and these issues were not present in the past. The problem is illegal manufacturers adding different bonding agents into their cartridges sold as THC.

A New York State Department of Health study(5) has found Vitamin E Acetate in nearly all cannabis (THC) cartridges they tested and none found in any nicotine product they tested. They believe this could be the cause of these lung issues.

The Government claims of not knowing what ingredients are used in nicotine vaping products are misleading. We all know what the ingredients are. They are listed on every bottle of e-liquid purchased through legitimate business as well as ingredient listings submitted to the FDA twice a year for every nicotine vaping e-liquid.

VapinUSA complies with all FDA and state regulations and guidelines to ensure the e-liquids we sell are manufactured and registered through the proper channels as well as their ingredient listing submissions are accurate. We will never sell products that have unknown ingredients. Vaping stores do not want to see any consumer fall ill to illegally purchased products.

We urge everyone to follow these rules to ensure proper vaping procedures:

Do not purchase or use illegal THC cartridges
Do not purchase nicotine vaping products outside of a legitimate vaping store
Do not add any ingredients to a finalized e-liquid product
If vaping anything causes any issues, see a doctor immediately and stop all vaping use
Do not return to cigarettes if you are currently vaping nicotine products
Do not distribute any vaping product to minors at any time

We hope the government can pinpoint the exact cause and implement actions to end the illegal manufacturing and selling of those products.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to us at any time.


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