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Looking for a quick and easy solution to enjoying your new vaping hobby, without having to worry about sidetracking yourself with filling DuraLiquid or unpackaging a new pack of Duras? DuraSmoke Disposables are the absolute easiest way to vape on the go: just open a new single, vape it until the flavor is gone and drop it in the trash when you’re all done! You’ll still get all of the great tasting satisfaction of a DuraSmoke product, without having to worry about all of the components involved. DuraSmoke Disposables are a great introductory product for people new to eCigarettes, especially those who are reluctant to put down their analogs.

New to the world of electronic cigarettes? If you’re not quite adapted to the style of an eCig yet, DuraSmoke gives you a great in-between option with our Rechargeable Singles. These slim, lightweight units offer all of the comfort of an analog, yet give you a flavor that’s simply out of this world—not to mention cleaner. Unscrew the Dura when the flavor is depleted and replace it with a brand new Dura to keep on vaping in style! Even if the battery runs dead, you’ll still be able to enjoy your new hobby thanks to the rechargeable nature of this device. At a price point under ten bucks, it’s hard not to give DuraSmoke a try!

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