The Master Chef Collection | Strawberry Napoleon

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A delicious dessert inspired by French Master Chefs. Created by arranging fresh strawberry slices in lightly buttered thin crusts. Add a thick custard like batter consisting of a delicate balance of strawberry and bavarian creams, followed by a light dusting of vanilla powdered sugar.

Max VG, Premium USA made vapor liquids with luxurious 5 star restaurant flavor profiles inspired by World Class Master Chefs.

• We do not use Vitamin E Acetate and never have.
• 100% made in the USA
• All natural flavors (FDA Approved GRAS)
• No synthetics or other harmful chemicals
• Standard vg/pg blend is 80/20 (some flavors proprietary)
• High density PET bottle (Medical Grade Polyethylene Terephthalate)
• Boston Round Glass Bottle (Type III commercial soda glass)
• Child proof cap
• Lot number printed for quality control

Elegance is defined by the seeming simplicity of a refined and complex process. It is the magnificence of multi-layered indulgence (to your palate) that stirs the senses and redefines your (vaping) experience. The art of masterful creations that blend passion, dedication and creativity, integrated with technique that bursts into an incredible kaleidoscope of flavors. The Spirit of Elegance is timeless. Big Clouds, Big Flavor, Absolutely Fabulous.