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Our Philosophy is simple. More Top Quality Eliquid for Less Money.

To vapers, vaping is a hobby, a lifestyle, and sometimes, a life saver. The e-cigarette industry has exploded over the past few years, and to investors and entrepreneuers, vaping can be big money. There are a lot of ways to make money selling in the vaping industry, not all of them, or even most of them, are in the best interest of vapers.

Industries survive because the products are good, consumers want them, and can afford them.

If you're like many vapers, your hobby has become an endless string of choices about which new products you can afford to try, and which will have to wait. It's even possible you're one of those unfortunate souls whose favorite liquid costs more than $1.00 per mL, and you can't get it in a bottle larger than 30 mL.

We think that sucks.

It's time for a better vaping experience that's not "cheaper"

Low Cost ≠ Low Quality. By producing products at huge volumes, and limiting research and development to doing exactly what we do and doing it well, we can deliver premium quality product at near wholesale prices for the end vaper. Just like production, when you ship in volume, it costs less to ship packages, so we can offer free shipping on orders over $5. It's time to give vapers a top quality product that doesn't break the bank to try, and keeps their budget open to try lots of new things. (Isn't that what we all want to do?)

The Middle Man IS NOT your friend

Vape Moar Eliquids are Direct To Consumer. That means we're selling wholesale, to you, the end vaper. We're cutting out the shipping, stocking, obscene profit, and retail markup, and shipping it directly to you in packaging that makes sense.

Why are we doing it?

Because we're real vapers too, and we think real vapers would rather spend their money on top quality eliquid than fancy packaging. If you vaped the bottle itself, maybe we'd look like the other guys, but you don't, so we're not.

Try a 15 mL sampler first, or splurge and drop $20 on the full 120 mL, either way, we're sure you'll agree, our eliquids are just plain MOAR. For less.


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