DuraSmoke | Red Label | Blackberry Chill

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When's the last time you had a blackberry flavored anything and said to yourself, "wow, that was really good!"? Chances are, it hasn't happened in the foreseeable past. Why? Because blackberry is a hard taste to nail down. Rich in flavor, yet comprised of a complex taste, blackberry can drive many eLiquid manufacturers mad when they're sitting at a table trying to nail down their formulas. Our solution? Grab a traditional blackberry flavoring and punch it right in its smirking face with a blast of menthol. That'll show it.

Blackberry Chill was the final chill flavor to be developed by the DuraSmoke® company simply because we weren't skimping on the details. You'll get a succulent blackberry taste and an unmistakable smell when you atomize this juice, however the menthol additive amplifies this excellence tenfold. The result is an amazing flavor that lingers, dancing on your tongue and livening up the air around you with its aromatic smell.