Blueberry Chill Red Label

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Welcome the icy blend of blueberry and menthol into your mouth as only Blueberry Chill DuraSmoke® eLiquid can deliver. You'll easily get a phenomenal throat hit out of this artfully crafted juice, while at the same time the natural berry flavor is intensified by just the right amount of menthol to leave you with goose bumps. As if that wasn't enough reason to get a bottle for yourself, this flavor is notorious for emitting voluminous clouds of thick, aromatic vapor that provide a second sensory experience. It's like getting double the pleasure for half of the price!

Because of its two classic components, blue berry and menthol, Blueberry Chill make a great segue juice for fruit lovers looking to explore beyond the realm of traditional vapes, as well as menthol fans who are looking for something beyond just the chill.