DuraSmoke® Cream Puff (WVF) eLiquid

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Looking for the last custard vape you'll ever want? Look no further

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what in the world “WVF” could possibly stand for. White vanilla frosting? Warm vanilla fudge? Wrong on both counts!

“WVF” actually stands for Wisconsin Vapors Forum, a highly active and welcoming community for vapers based in our home state of Wisconsin! We truly appreciate WVF and all that they do for our local vaping community, which is why we’ve formulated a special flavors in the club’s honor and named it after them.

Now for the tasty scoop on WVF! This flavor combines two of the best things about Wisconsin: cream puffs and custard. The Dairy State is well known for its famous State Fair Cream Puffs and you’d be hard pressed not to find a delicious scoop of frozen custard at any of the state’s numerous ice cream shops—so, we’ve combined these two great treats together to create a dessert eliquid that’s perfect for our state and the vaping club that represents it! Give it a try today and experience a little piece of Wisconsin!

This product was previously known as simply "WVF." This product formula has not changed, just changed the name so people know what it is!