DuraSmoke® RY4 eLiquid

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RY4 has been one of the most popular flavors of eliquid from the very beginning

Incorporating traditional tobacco elements, as well as hints of vanilla, caramel and other complementary flavors, this flavor boasts its own unique taste that’s unlike any other! RY4 eliquid has been created and reformulated time and time again, by companies all over the world, resulting in a flavor that’s slightly different depending on where you’re getting it.

Now, RY4 has become somewhat of a myth, with the original formulation unknown to anyone but its original creator! W’ve done our best to get to the bottom of this complex formulation and what we’ve come up with is something that will make your taste buds dance! Smooth, powerful and extremely rich, this flavor might just be the best tobacco eliquid flavor you’ve ever had the fortune of trying!