Baked Candy Apple Blue Label

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When Fall is in the air, it's time for some Baked Candy Apple in the Vape

Vaping seasonally is a thing. Many vapers like to tailor their flavor preferences to the time of year and the temperature outside. We have a long history of developing outstanding flavors that both nail their flavor profile, and that offer our customers REAL selection when choosing what they want to put into their vape. Our Baked Candy Apple is the latest in a long line of top quality seasonal flavors. It leads with a smoky cinnamon flavor that stays just short of "hot", and follows with the muted sweetness of baked apples, and the unique sweetness of Toffee.

It's a flavor experience you won't want to miss, and it's only around for a limited time (Baked Candy Apple is only available October-December). Grab a bottle today, fill your vape, and watch the leaves fall.