DuraSmoke | Red Label | Cream Puff (WVF)

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In honor of our local vape club, the Wisconsin Vapers Forum, the DuraSmoke® company is proud to offer our "WVF" flavor in their namesake! This exceptional eLiquid combines two things that any Wisconsin vaper will know and love: cream puffs and custard. But, you don't have to be a Wisconsin vaper to enjoy this flavor--order a bottle and take some good 'ol Dairy State tradition home with you today.

Blending cream puff and custard together was no easy task, but at the DuraSmoke® company we're used to overcoming the odds to put together flavors that are well-rounded and exciting to vape. With the help of our Wisconsin Vaper Forum friends, we've tested and re-tested this marriage of delightful flavors over and over again, until we finally came up with a full bodied, aromatic flavor that delivers all of the great taste you'd expect from a classic dessert. Grab a bottle for yourself today and see what all the buzz is about in Wisconsin!

This product was previously known as simply "WVF." No change to the product formula, simply a name change!