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Citrasmash is a Symphony of Citrus Notes That Will Make Your Mouth Dance

Finally, a Citrus Blend Worthy of the Name Premium

Citrasmash is the culmination of years of vape flavor testing. We've been making top quality eliquids for a long time, and we put everything we know into polishing Citrasmash until we only had the best citrus flavors in our Premium Citrus vape. We set out to create a flavor that was more than a copy of some other popular citrus flavor, and we created one that breaks the mold. For citrus lovers, and those who love powerfully flavored vapes, Citrasmash is an All Day Vape. Even if you're not a huge fan of citrus flavors, it's a great change of pace that isn't chalky, dusty, or overly sour like a lot of citrus ejuices can be. There's something in it for everyone, exactly like a premium flavor should be.