DuraSmoke | Red Label | Grape Chill

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One of the staples of old-school diners and local food joints was the bubbly and delicious taste of a cool grape soda. Today, diners may be a vintage attraction, but the great grape taste that helped define them is alive and well in Grape Chill DuraSmoke® eLiquid. Because we've paired the classic essence of grape with an inviting touch of menthol, DuraSmoke® has crafted a flavor that touches your taste buds in much the same way as a freshly opened grape soda. If it sounds too good to be true, stop reading our pitch and grab a bottle for yourself: you'll see that we aren't lying!

Grape Chill kicks like a real grape flavor and sports the all too familiar cooling of the entire DuraSmoke® Chill Line to bring you a flavor that's equal parts classic and enticing. We guarantee that after cracking open a bottle of Grape Chill, you'll be set with a new daily vape.