DuraSmoke® Sweet Lava eLiquid

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Sweet Lava is a Chai Latte eliquid with a twist, or a Horchata with a Cinnamon kick, you make the call!

If you're a daily DuraSmoke® vaper, you probably think you know what to expect from them, finely crafted eliquids with everything you expect, and nothing you don't. Every one of their flavors is crafted with precision and attention to maintining authenticity and freshness. Take that attention to detail, and imagine a whole different flavor experience. Welcome to DuraSmoke® Premium Eliquids.

Just hot enough to fall in love with

Cinnamon eliquids can be a bit overpowering, and most horchata eliquids just don't carry the flavor you're looking for in a premium e-juice. Sweet Lava packs both in just the right proportion. The cinnamon flavor is light and sweet, instead of bright and stinging, so it tastes like a latte with a touch of cinnamon, not chewing on a cinnamon stick. Better still, the subtle and creamy flavor of the horchata keeps this the kind of flavor your taste buds will remember, and ask for again and again.

How well does it perform in a dripping atomizer?

DuraSmoke® Premium eliquids are the real deal. They vape amazingly at sub-ohm temperatures, whether in an atomizer, or a rebuildable dripping tank. They perform equally well, with nearly no variation in flavor, across the spectrum of devices and temperatures. Like everything you've come to expect from Durasmoke® eliquids, they are high quality and consistent in taste.