DuraSmoke | Blue Label | Peanut Butter Cup

0.07 lb
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First it's chocolate, then it's peanut butter! Do we really even need to say anymore?

Modeled after an iconic candy variety (you know the one), Peanut Butter Cup DuraSmoke® eLiquid operates on a number of levels, all of which can be classified as divine. Not only does the throat hit boom like an active grenade, the rush of chocolate that follows it will make you feel like Augustus Gloop (kid from Willy Wonka who fell into the chocolate… anyone?)! But that's not all folks! As if the chocolate wasn't enough, your exhale is going to be a peanut butter dream: creamy, rich in flavor and absolutely delightful!

Chocolate and peanut butter enthusiasts alike, this flavor is for you! Tobacco vapers will even love the rich tones that is has to offer! Even fruit vapers can get a feel for this tasty vape! …Screw it, this one is for ANYONE who loves a great flavor!