DuraSmoke | Blue Label | Renegade

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If You're a Fan of Quality Tobacco Flavor and RY4, Renegade is Your All Day Vape

How do you make a premium tobacco eliquid? You make a "finished" tobacco flavor, and that's just what we did

A lot of flavors out there aren't "finished". They're just missing that something that pushes them over the edge into true premium territory. We twisted and tweaked some of the industry's best tobacco flavors to create the one and only premium tobacco flavor, Renegade. It isn't easy getting the rich caramel notes, the slight pepper and dusty finish, not to mention those "I just can't tell what the hell is it is" flavors to mix well. Most of the time, you'll end up with an ejuice that has one outstanding note or flavor. Renegade is outstanding all over the place.

DuraSmoke® has long been known for the industry's best offering of tobacco flavorings, and Renegade is the king that sits on top of that lofty collection. Give it a vape, and you won't be disappointed, it's the real deal.

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