Sweet Lava Blue Label

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Cinnamon and Horchata Combine to Create a Premium Eliquid for the Ages

We're Not Saying it's Perfect, but We're Pretty Sure Sweet Lava was Goldilocks' All Day Vape...

Everyone loves cinnamon and requests it, but nobody can seem to agree on how much is the right amount or what it should be mixed with to make it just right. We've nailed that combination by reaching in an unusual direction. Sweet Lava marries the traditional Spanish flavor of horchata with cinnamon in a way that words can't quite describe. It's creamy and warm, and each puff is subtly different in a way that will leave you chasing your favorites over and over. We might not be able to name it after a fancy dessert or drink, but Sweet Lava is flat out one of the best premium eliquid flavors you will find anywhere.

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