DuraSmoke | Blue Label | Raspberry Chill

0.07 lb
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A blasting berry flavor and a tinge of menthol cool make Raspberry Chill a mouthwatering flavor that's not easily passed up by fruit vapers and menthol lovers alike. With a smooth draw, explosion of flavor and chilling exhale yielding bountiful vapor, it's hard to get much better than everything Raspberry Chill has to offer. If you're looking for something a bit different from the boring old, plain fruit flavors, consider chilling yourself with a slight menthol kick!

Raspberry Chill is everything you're hoping for in a solid fruit flavor, with the unique afterglow to back it up tenfold. Get the best of both worlds—a real fruit flavor and a chilling menthol kick—with this unique and delicious flavor from the DuraSmoke company.