Strawberry Banana Blue Label

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A flavor fusion that's as old as time, mixing strawberries with banana has yielded a taste that just can't be taken wrong! Our Strawberry Banana DuraSmoke® eLiquid goes above and beyond to deliver the sweet, succulent flavor of freshly picked strawberries and follows through with an amazing blast of banana for a powerful body that's truly an amazing medley of two tried and true flavors. And, because we've mixed them at just the right ratio, you can be sure that neither flavor will overpower the other, catering to both the tastes of hardcore banana lovers, as well as devout strawberry enthusiasts.

As if Strawberry Banana DuraSmoke® eLiquid couldn't get any better, we've taken the time to hone in on an amazing throat hit and a brilliant cloud of vapor, giving even the harshest critic something to smile about when they're following through with this satisfying vape. You're not going to find strawberries and bananas growing on the same bush or tree, but you can find them in a bottle of Strawberry Banana DuraSmoke® eLiquid!