Vape Moar | 120ml | Prince Pucker

0.4 lb
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It's not your mouth watering, it's your tastebuds crying with joy

VG/PG Ratio: 75/25

Flavor Profile: Sweet and Sour Green Apple

Prince Pucker will be King one day, just you wait and see! This upstart eliquid is a faithful Green Apple vape without the overly candy notes that plague EVERY green apple flavor on the market. While we love green candies too, there's a lot more to ruling a kingdom than one version of one flavor. Prince Pucker is our interpretation of a ripe and sweet Green Apple, with subtle hints of that sour pucker that everybody loves, but nobody is "in love with". Prince Pucker will tickle your mouth to a point just short of mouthwatering on the inhale, then take you there on the exhale with a sweet and crisp finish you'll love.

Tank to Drip Ratio

Prince Pucker is good to go in any tank or dripper. The removal of some of the sour and candy notes in the typical Green Apple Flavor make this an outstanding vape at high heat. Flavoring components tend to burn with high heat, and we've seemingly removed some of the worst offenders, and created one of the best tasting Green Apple flavors for Subohm vaping we've come across anywhere. Because it's a fruit flavor, we don't recommend Prince Pucker at very high temperatures and wattages, becuase, like many fruit flavors, it has a high likelihood of picking up a burnt taste due to the delicacy of the flavorings.