Tropical Torte eLiquid - 120mL

0.4 lb
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A Subtle Blend of Exotic Flavors That's as Memorable as A Tropical Vacation

VG/PG Ratio: 72/28

Flavor Profile: Graham Cracker and Fruit Medley

Tropical Torte isn't a flavor that's easy to forget, but just try to describe it to someone! It's a delicate blend of creams and fruits with a touch of pastry that is truly one of a kind. While it's difficult to pick apart any one flavor, you'll notice subtle hints of bright citrus that balance out the sweetness of this unique eliquid. It's the sort of flavor that simply can't be described, it has to be vaped to be believed. Even after you've vaped it, you'll find it amazingly hard to put your finger on exactly what it tastes like, because, like all great flavors, it's subtly different at depending on your temperature, device, and personal vaping preferences.

Tank to Drip Ratio

We recommend Tropical Torte primarily for tank vaping. While you can definitely drip it, the flavors tend to lose much of their subtlety with higher heats. To that end we don't recommend vaping Tropical Torte at temperatures higher than 550°F. In dripping atomizers, your best experience is likely to be larger coils that create high amounts of heat, but have longer cycle times, like those made with 24 and 26 guage Kanthal. We don't recommend vaping Tropical Torte over 50 Watts.