DuraSmoke | Red Label | Wolfberry

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What's a wolfberry? It's actually a… eh… berry… which is a fruit that tastes like… berries… uh…

Okay, so we've actually never had a wolfberry per say (unless you count the flavored vodka that we're basing this flavor off of). But, regardless of what it's called, you can be sure that this flavor is packed with great flavor and an amazing blend of tastes that will leave you berry satisfied (pun definitely intended). Silky smooth on the inhale with a bubbly, icy aftertaste that's intriguing and exciting, this flavor is a whole bag of fun, mixed into a bottle.

If you're unsure of what a real wolfberry tastes like, it's probably best to go and buy some. Or, you could pretend that calling this flavor Wolfberry DuraSmoke® eLiquid is enough to make an informed decision (that's what we're doing and it's working out pretty great).