Yocan Evolve C Pen


The Yocan Evolve C is a slim and discreet device that comes equipped with two different style heating attachments, one for wax and one for more liquidy oil substances.

The thick wax attachment features a pure glass quartz heating element. Glass quartz will efficiently heat your essential oils, creating a crystal clean vapor that is quite flavorful.

The tank style attachment is designed for use with thinner essential oils. This attachment utilizes a traditional wick style element with the cutting-edge, non-leak design that will help to you minimize waste and conserve every last drop of oil.

Each Evolve C attachment is housed within the included metal tube cover to prevent any damage from drops or falls. The included attachments thread directly on top of the Yocan Evolve battery. Each atomizer sleeve has multiple oil windows to give you a clear view as to how much oil you have left. These oil windows allow you to glance down and check your levels without having to disassemble the entire device.

Whether you are using thick or thin oils, the Yocan Evolve C Battery will deliver ideal results. The Yocan Evolve also features a 510 threading and an easy to use, one button operation, with an innovative locking feature that will help to prevent any waste during travel.